Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking
vehicle tracking


Tracking systems are becoming an integral part of vehicle security.

ICE Track gives its owner the knowledge that they vehicle is protected by one of the best GPS Tracking Systems available.

ICE Track offers features including:

Self Management - From your mobile telephone one can text the system and receive the co-ordinates of where the vehicle is located

Remote immobilisation – Again by text message from their mobile phone one can immobilise their vehicle; if parking in an undesirable place, leaving car at the airport or just leaving it outside their house. Deactivating can be done simply by another text message

Street Level Mapping – Once co-ordinates are available via text message, a detailed position is available using web access.

24/7 Central Station Monitoring – ICE Track offers the option to be linked to central monitoring station.

ADR Card – is a separate ID Card which must be carried with car keys when using the car and stored separately when car is not in use. A text message will alert the owner if the car is driven without the ADR Card.

In addition to the grown numbers of insurance companies requiring GPS Tracking to insure high end vehicles, ICE Track offers peace of mind to all vehicle owners, safe guarding one of their most prized possession – their car.

System One:
Tracking System with Telephone and Internet Monitoring

System Two:
Tracking System with Telephone and Internet Monitoring
Together with Immobilisation of the Vehicle

System Three:
Tracking System with Telephone, Internet and
Central Station Monitoring Facility also Remote Immobilisation of the Vehicle and ADR Card

All of our technicians are vastly experienced working on cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porchese, Lexus, Audi, Volkswagen so when you leave your car with us, you are leaving it with professionals.

Vehicle Tracking Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle Tracking Vehicle Tracking

Please note that immobilization is dependent on the type of vehicle you have, contact us to find out more details.


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