Parking Sensors

ICE Parktronic Reversing Sensors
parking sensors

ICE Parktronic Reversing Sensors

Parking sensors are an extremely popular accessories for any car.

They aid you on detecting obstacles while you are reversing car into parking spaces or those tight spots!!!

They are invaluable on any car from your VW Polo the whole way up to your S Class Mercedes Benz

The Benefits of the parking system:

Protects you from small children running behind your car

Parking Sensors

Even if the the reversing sensors stop you from having one accident it will potentially save you hundreds of euro and protect your insurance no claims bonus.

Parking Sensors

It will also help your confidence while parking your car in that tight space while people are waiting for you.

We also offer Front parking sensors for a full range of cars. This allows you to have complete parking safety for the biggest of cars

The sensor all are professionally painted to the colour code of the car this makes them look exactly the same as the factory fitted parking system.

Parking Sensors

For a price for your car please contact us

We also have a range of commercial reversing sensor for van trucks SUV People carriers and 4X4’s that have a spare wheel at the back of the vehicle


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