Daytime Running Lights

Daytime Running Lights
daytime running lights

Road Safety Initiative from ICE Security

Daytime Running Lights

With effect from February 2011, all new cars and small vans in Europe will be equipped with dedicated Daytime Running Lights, to improve road safety. Car manufacturers already offering DRL include; Mercedes Benz - New E Class, Audi - all new models, Opel – Insignia.

Daytime running lights are special LED lamps, developed for being seen during the day and will automatically switch on every time the engine is started.

The benefits are:

  • To increase visibility of vehicles to other road users i.e. pedestrians and motorists.
  • Reduce road fatalities, injuries and daytime collisions.
  • There is lower fuel consumption on daytime running lamps, than the existing dipped beam headlamp.
  • In advance of the 2011 deadline when day time running lights are mandatory on new vehicle, ICE are launching this product to;

Promote Road Safety - Create Advance Awareness
Advise of the Current Availability as a Retrofit Accessory.

DRL use a long life (approx 30,000 hours) row of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) which only consume a fraction of the electricity taken by a normal headlight.

Use of dedicated DRLs instead of driving with headlights or sidelights on will also mean that tail lights and instrument lights are not illuminated during the day.

The alternator is driven by the engine and spins all the time but it doesn't always consume the same amount of power from the engine. When the electrical load on the alternator increases more power is required to turn it and so fuel consumption is increased.

Whereas Headlamps Consume 110 Watts of power dedicated DRL LEDs might consume only 5-10 watts.

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