Crash for cash scam

Crash for Cash fraud describes the event whereby one or more parties are willingly involved in a Road Traffic Accident for financial benefit.

Gone in 24 hours - one BMW stolen every day

An average of one high-powered BMW is being stolen every day by foreign criminal gangs using hand-held computers to hack into the car's 'brain'.

Motorists warned as gangs steal catalytic converters

CAR dealers are warning motorists, fleet warehouses and forecourt owners to be on the lookout for organised gangs who are stealing catalytic converters for their valuable component metals. The converters are part of the vehicle's exhaust system, which converts pollutant gases into less harmful emissions.

Rise in Car Break-Ins, theft attempts

It’s a sign of the times, perhaps, that attempts to steal or steal from cars have been happening more and more. A major survey from AA Insurance has shown that 10% of all motorists nationally and nearly 15% of motorists in Dublin have been victims of car crime in the last 2 years. Out of 6,500 responses nationwide, 3.7% of motorists have either had their car stolen or have had an attempt made to steal it in the last 2 years. 6.5% have either had their car broken into or an attempt made to break into it.

Crime Gangs Target German-Made Cars


Article Posted on the Irish Independant Website Wednesday, October 10/2012


GERMAN-MADE cars are now the prime targets for auto thieves, the Irish Independent has learned.

They feature at the top of the favourites list for criminals for the same reasons that have made them so popular with motorists.

Their reliability, resale value and appeal to second-hand car buyers have guaranteed thieves that they can turn over a tidy profit if they avoid being caught by the gardai.

Call for Access to Data on Stolen Cars

Posted in the Irish Times Wednesday, September 12, 2012                       

DAVID LABANYI THE FORMER HEAD of the Garda stolen-vehicle unit has called for information on car thefts to be made available to third parties in an attempt to protect people against buying stolen vehicles. Car buyers currently cannot check if cars in which they are interested are among the 9,000 stolen each year.

Finbarr Garland, who retired last week from An Garda Síochána, says Ireland is one of only a handful of countries that did not place information about stolen vehicles on the Interpol database. Garland says a second problem is that even if a police force in another country identifies a stolen Irish-registered vehicle, it will not seize it if the car is not on the Interpol list.


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